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Green Coffee Vs. Green Tea – Which One is Better?

by Flemin

Many people will wake up and start their days with a warm up of coffee or tea. In fact, coffee is the third most popular beverage in the world, and tea is just above coffee right under water. With both of them providing numerous health benefits, like producing boosts of energy, it’s no wonder why people drink coffee and tea. In particular, green tea and green coffee are exceptionally common. But which one is better if any, in terms of weight loss?


Caffeine in Green Tea and Green Coffee

The main reason why people drink coffee is to wake up and stay alert. That’s why coffee is so popular in the daytime and in the morning. It’s no secret why – caffeine is naturally rich in coffee. But green tea contains caffeine as well. And in fact, green coffee in comparison to traditional coffee, actually has less caffeine. On average, 8 oz. of green tea contains about 35 mg of caffeine, while an average cup of coffee has 100 to 200 mg of caffeine and per serving of green coffee bean extract usually has 20 mg of caffeine. It all depends on the drinker’s desires on how much caffeine they want, but the advantages are:

  • Green Coffee: Green coffee over traditional coffee or green tea is that it’s low in caffeine so that there no jitters.
  • Green Tea: Green tea typically has more caffeine which provides more of an energizing boost.


Metabolism and Fat Absorption

So if green tea wins with the energizing boost that it gives through caffeine, green coffee still has a number of advantages over its green cousin. One benefit that can come from drinking green tea is that it decrease the body’s way of absorbing fats through diet. However, green coffee also work in a similar manner. With its main active ingredient being chlorogenic acid, coffee extract from green beans is wonderful for also inhibiting glucose from being released in the body while boosting up the metabolism in the liver. So both can work wonders when it comes to stopping fats from being absorbed in the body – a plus for weight loss.


Studies and Supporting Evidence

For those who are still not sure which one is better, numerous studies are out there to help lend support to who the true winner is when it comes to weight loss. One such experiment involved 16 obese participants consuming 1,050 mg of low dose green coffee bean extract as part of their daily diet for 22 weeks. Heart rate, diet, exercise patterns, blood pressure and more were all measured during the experiment. After 22 weeks, the patients had all shed 17 pounds and 10.5% of overall total group body fat. About 35% of the participants lost over 5% of their body fat. Researchers have reason to believe that it was the green coffee’s effects in decreasing insulin levels in the body, which works to improve overall metabolic function.


The Verdict

While it all depends on a person’s overall opinions on the matter, many researchers fully support the idea of green coffee and weight loss, and in the end it’s believed that green tea certainly does have a run for its money when it comes to losing weight.

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