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Green Coffee Bean Extract Review: A Bounty of Health Benefits

Green Coffee BeanCoffee in general is one of the most popular stimulants in the world and is one of the most consumed beverages out there. In fact, according to researchers, only tea and water have an overall higher consumption than coffee. Because coffee is exceptionally good for a person’s health, it’s no wonder why it’s so popular. And then there is green coffee, or green coffee bean extract – a stimulant that also provides a broad range of positive impacts on health.


A Brief Review of Green Coffee Bean Extract

Recent studies on green coffee bean extract may prove that green coffee extract is one of the most powerful stimulants and provides numerous health benefits. Reviews over the internet have been increasing with millions of people demanding where they can find this product. The number of reviews about what green coffee beans have done for current users is also on the rise. For one example, green coffee extract has been praised by alternative health experts who love its positive health impacts. Here are a few reasons to praise green coffee extract:

  • Less Caffeine Than Regular Coffee: Experts claim that with only a small dose of 20 mg of caffeine per serving, compared to a whopping 100 mg of caffeine from normal coffee, green coffee is better in that it does not cause the body to become jittery or anxious. The same cannot be said about dark coffee or other diet aids that are based on caffeine.
  • Natural Weight Loss Aid: Researchers praise green coffee because of its ability to inhibit glucose that would otherwise be released in the body. This is significant for weight loss because chlorogenic acid that is naturally found in green coffee beans, stops the glucose and in turn this increases the body’s metabolic process within the liver.
  • Powerful Free Radical Fighter: The chlorogenic acid in the beans naturally kills off free radicals.

So when people are looking for a way to lose weight effectively, safely and and naturally, green coffee beans may be the way to go. They don’t have nearly as much caffeine as some weight loss aids that are otherwise loaded with caffeine, which is wonderful for not causing such problems as feeling nervous or jittery. And with that boost for the metabolism, this is yet another plus and another natural benefit that could prove to yield effective weight loss results. On top of all that, with the chlorogenic acid not only inhibiting glucose and stimulating the metabolism, the fact that it works to neutralize free radials is an absolute benefit because it helps the body to stay healthy. And staying healthy is the first step to getting fit.


What Is Green Coffee Bean Extract?

As the name implies, green coffee bean extract is extracted from green coffee beans. Green coffee itself is incredibly rich in that powerful antioxidant called chlorogenic acid. This is significant because antioxidants will work to rid the human body of compounds called free radicals that could otherwise wreak havoc on a person’s health. Green coffee beans also provide an abundance of other health benefits.

The difference between green coffee bean extract and actually drinking a normal cup of coffee, is that roasting coffee beans will actually rid the beans of their active ingredient, chlorogenic acid. Chlorogenic acid must be present in order for a person to get the most benefits out of this stimulant. Traditional coffee that is roasted to 482 degrees Fahrenheit will not produce the same amount of this antioxidant. Therefore green coffee bean extract is actually processed before the beans are roasted while they are still raw. Thus the chlorogenic acid is still present.

Unroasted coffee beans may help to speed up the metabolism and burn fat much easier. This in turn helps to meet weight loss goals and to keep them off in the long-run. In a study conducted on mice in 2006, scientists found that mice were burning fat much quicker when they were given green coffee beans. It’s believe that the same way it works in mice is the same way it works in humans. This is simply because the caffeine in green coffee beans works to unlock fat within the body. From there, the fat is sent over to the liver. The chlorogenic acid in the green coffee beans works to assist the liver in processing and breaking down the fat much more efficiently. Drinkers are advised to consume either the appropriate amount of supplements according to the bottle, or to consume a specific amount of green coffee daily in order to see promising results regarding weight loss.


Where Can You Find Green Coffee Bean Extract?

You can buy green coffee bean extract on the internet now easily with a click of a mouse. In fact, we do recommend a particular brand of green coffee bean extract called the Green Coffee Bean Max. Here is the package pricing available:

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How to Lose Weight With Green Coffee Bean Extract

To get the best results from green coffee extract, it’s best to stick to with the extract in combination with a health diet full of balanced nutrition, as well as a daily exercise program. With effort, time, patience and green coffee extract, it’s definitely possible to gain health benefits and meet weight loss goals. But to get the most out of what they have to offer, following a smart plan can help out. Following these steps may help:

  1. Consult A Doctor: First, consult a physician before using and incorporating green coffee into daily life. Ask about possible side effects associated with stimulants, coffee, and chlorogenic acid.
  2. Purchase: Either go online or to a supplement store to purchase green coffee bean extract.
  3. Use Appropriately: Use the supplement as directed.
  4. Diet: To lose weight, a balanced diet must be incorporated into daily life as well. Consume lean protein, like eggs, tuna, turkey, salmon. Also stick with vegetables, fruits, and low fat dairy products. Stay away from processed foods.
  5. Exercise: Eating healthy even with green coffee extract can only go so far. By sticking to a proper workout routine, this will help the body to burn fat and calories while increasing the metabolism and building muscle.


Benefits That Green Coffee Bean Extract Can Provide

The list of benefits that can come from green coffee extract are enormous. Here are just a few main ones:

  • Hypertension: Aside from the obvious, green coffee extract can help out with other health issues, one being high blood pressure or hypertension. According to studies conducted in Tokyo, Japan, many positive effects resulted for humans and rats who consumed extract from green coffee beans. The most significant discover was that the blood pressure was decreased as a direct result from the dose of green coffee. It was also noted that these positive changes were achieved without risk of adverse or significant side effects.
  • Diabetes: Research shows that the ingestion of green coffee can also prove to be beneficial for those who are suffering from diabetes. An experiment in Cairo, Egypt that involved diabetic rats, found positive results from consuming green tea. These results showed reduced insulin levels and blood glucose levels. This is significant because the research concluded that it was the chlorogenic acid that caused the insulin and glucose levels to drop. This can lead to supporting evidence that the chlorogenic acid in green coffee can be responsible for the positive effects of glucose that is in the human body because rats and humans are so closely similar in terms of DNA.
  • Increased Metabolism: The chlorogenic acid is a natural booster for the metabolism. This is not only a good thing for weight loss in general, but for long-term weight loss.
  • Decreased Glucose: Chlorogenic acid works to reduce the absorption of fat in the body by inhibiting the release of glucose levels.
  • Weight Loss: Studies have proven over and over that consuming green coffee is wonderful for a weight loss aid. In Japan, an experiment revealed the positive impacts of green tea consumption and weight in mice. Research concluded that it was the combination of chlorogenic acid and caffeine (two primary ingredients in green coffee) that promotes a decreased amount of fat accumulation. This combination also works to inhibit the absorption of fat in the body.


Possible Side Effects of Green Coffee Bean Extract

Generally green coffee bean extract is a safe and natural alternative to other weight loss aids out there. However, as with any other supplement, it may cause possible side effects. The good news is that in human trials, there has been no supporting evidence of effects that were considered significant or adverse from green coffee bean extract. Here is a brief look at possible side effects that this extract can cause:

  • Reduced Blood Pressure: Most experiments regarding this extract have found promising results for lowering blood pressure – a benefit for those suffering from hypertension.
  • Weight Loss: Weight loss is yet another side effect that green coffee extract can cause, but again this is one of the beneficial reasons for taking it as well.
  • Trembles or Jitters
  • Anxiousness
  • Increased Heart Rate

As such, most of these side effects are either beneficial, or caused simply by an overdose. It’s important to take note that studies on long-term consumption of the product have yet to discover any alterations in biochemical balances within the blood stream. This simply means that natural nutrients in the blood, such as magnesium, zinc, copper, serum iron and vitamin B-1 levels were all balanced appropriately in individuals who were taking the supplement for an extended period of time during studies.

Aside from that, overdosing on the supplement may cause short-term effects, simply from the accumulation of caffeine from such a high dose of the supplement itself. These short-term symptoms can include but are not limited to: trembles, anxiousness, nervousness, increased heart rate.


The Evidence of Green Coffee Bean Extract Benefits – Does It Really Work?

The benefits that green coffee bean extract almost seem too good to be true. So many people probably do wonder if they really are true. Taking a look at all of the reviews of green coffee online that are accumulating can be a good first step to resting assured that it does indeed work. In case that doesn’t work, here are a few studies that all contain supporting evidence for the beneficial impacts it has on weight loss.

For example, one 2007 study published in “The Journal of International Medicine Research” has confirmed the weight loss powers of the green coffee beans. The experiment focused on a combination of two different coffee groups – 2,000 mg of instant roasted coffee, and 200 mg of green coffee extract and 90 to 100 mg of chlorogenic acid. Patients in the green coffee group drank 5 cups of the coffee product (the equivalent of 11 g of coffee daily) for 12 weeks straight. At the end of this time period, those who were in the green coffee group lost an average of about 5.4 pounds, and 3.6% of body fat. In comparison to the other groups, the group who drank black coffee lost only 1.7 pounds and .7% of body fat.


The Bottom Line

Green coffee bean extract truly does work. By increasing the body’s natural metabolic process and halting the process of fat absorption, this extract can prove beneficial in a variety of ways, particularly for those looking to shed extra body fat. This can be done through a smart weight loss plan and a loyalty to this extract. The best part is that this extract is an all natural way of losing weight. By incorporating it into a healthy daily routine that involves working out and eating right, weight loss is definitely possible with the help of green coffee beans.

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